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(posted on 12 Jul 2020)
(posted on 12 Jul 2020)

Long time ago, in 1915, on the site My Life Needs Editing, my painting was used to illustrate this short poem:

Sorrow, tried to hold my hand
Sadness calling, fondly 
I walk away, abiding

            - cherokeeghostwriter

I think the poem and my painting, Walking Away, are perfect fit.


(posted on 10 Jul 2020)

In the beginning of my art-path, during class with the great visual artist and educator, Steve Rose, I did a drawing on 18" x 18" canvas. Now after 9 years, during virtual workshop led by the same artist, I finished it with oil paint. 

I feel that architecture is difficult to determinate, what is inside and what is outside, where the walls starts or ends. Perspective is obfuscated and colour rendering doesn't help to understand it as well. But I like this little piece. The person reminds me about myself, lost in the maze of life. 

Thank you, Steve.

(posted on 10 Jul 2020)

When door to my studio was closed because of COVID 19, I brought home some canvases to work on. Amoung them, two 3' x 4' paintings I wasn't very found off. Started to work on one of them, and, nothing happened. Somehow I couldn't make myself to work almost on anything conceptual.
Now, when we are officially on stage 2 of the pandemic openings, with a lot of restrictions upon us, Resident Artists, I was able to go to studio. It was long isolation and long time without painting. Now, in a couple of days I was able to incorporate changes and make my two paintings look "happy". At least this is my feeling when I think about the outcome. Maybe one is more "happy" that the other, but I like them both. For now. 

Below, on the left are originals and on the right are "in progress" paintings




(posted on 29 Jun 2020)


My imaginary men appeared when I started to prepare active background for a sketch. I followed the shape and finished painting applying in acrylic and finally adding pieces of silk. I called my imaginary men, Massive Leg.


(posted on 21 May 2020)


Again. I attended virtual life drawing workshop. Sort poses, 3, 5 seconds, then 1, 3, 5 minutes and 20 min poses. Fantastic model. This time, first, I used mixed media; acrylic, colours pencils and charcoal and then oil. 
Another, square painting was done on my old canvas covered with oil and cold wax. Started to sketch figure and black charcoal and finished it with white charcoal. Probably will work on it more, for better or could be for worst. Will wait and see.


(posted on 4 May 2020)


Because of COVID-19, Artist in Residence exhibit, {+- Simultaneousness-+}, at the Living Art Centre, Mississauga, was cancelled. This is my art prepared for this show. It is oil, cedar shingles and copper on 48" x 48" plywood. Artwork is 84" x 48". I titled it "The death of tree".

Tree is essential to life on the earth. In ancient cultures and many religions it was called a Tree of Life. It is symbol of growth and strength, with roots spread deep into soil and the branches stretched up high towards the sky.
My work shows a tree with one leaf which doesn't want to give up, still holding to dried up branch hopping to survive. Behind, an old chair remembering better time. Three colours of the surface ca be associated with three opposing forces trying to balance themselves; orange — heat and fire; black — pollution and distraction; white — clean water and clean air.

Use of cedar to create tree trunk with its branches was decided not only because of its special scent, but because I love wood. My father, 30 years ago, brought me from Poland wood carving tools which are still untouched. Hope to use them one day. 
When deleted parts above and below painting, I called it Tree of Life in opposite to The death of tree

(posted on 2 May 2020)


This time in my I retouched my sketches with colour, in one, acrylic  and in the other, watercolour. In terms of using these two mediums on the model, both are new to me. In my work I use oil paints, but without using brush. In these two instances, I used a little brush. Watercolour, I just “play” with it, it was my first time using it. Watercolour (blue) is done on a watercolour paper and acrylic sketch is done on a Canson, mixed media paper. I decided to start learning using brush, especially on the body.


(posted on 22 Apr 2020)


I never imagine that virtual life drawing will happened in my life span. Coronavirus changes our way of living, specially  the way we used to do things. What we will do now without computers and WF?
I used to draw and sketch quite well, but after very long time (years) not doing it, I feel as complete beginner. Fast gestures and 5 minutes poses are difficult to draw. Mostly I enjoy it, but often frustrated with the outcome. Will keep doing it and posting to my blog. Wish me luck. These are my sketches done with graphite, conte and wet brush.


(posted on 15 Apr 2020)



COVID-19 made the space around us much smaller. Being at home is challenging. Although I have plans what to do, and what to paint, I am getting lazy and it is more difficult to create art.

I moved my work from the Living Art Centre to my home. In a way I am lucky that I could convert my room into painting studio. One of my early oil paintings got my attention and I decided to re-touch it. However, as it happened before many times, re-touching the painting turned into painting almost entire image. Again, I use layers of oil paint glazing, but I am not sure if it will turn into something better that was before. Have to wait and see what I will be able to do and my painting will look at the end.

On the pictures; my new studio at home, original oil painting and "work in progress"

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