Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist



I am a Polish-Canadian artist based in Mississauga. My preferred medium is oil, sometimes mixed with a bit of cold wax.
As a contemporary artist, my work is not representational; it leans towards abstraction and symbolism, with minimal use of color. I aim to create the illusion of empty space, using certain elements to convey absence, isolation, and memory. Some have commented that I document the impressions of my personal journey in relation to my new home, Canada. This influence continues to shape my work. I've come to realize that our existence is simply a continuous cycle, unaffected by what we do or where we live; it's a circle that keeps turning. In this circle, humans are in a constant  struggle for time, always searching for something new and something better.

During my busiest times, I longed for quiet and empty spaces, for solitude and seclusion. I started to paint these feelings, the sense of empty, meditative space. Then, my little 'traveler' emerged on his journey through the vast landscape of life. Perhaps he hopes to find a 'Neverland,' or maybe he seeks a more challenging, more exciting, or simply a different life.
Along his journey, he leaves an imprint on the earth—his good and bad deeds, his energy, his shadow of being, and his shadow of memories.

For a long time, I used only very selective colors—grey, white, and black with touches of orange. Presently, I incorporate more red, orange, and rust into my paintings. Perhaps this signifies a change in my life. Although I still cherish quiet and meditative spaces, I now have more time for myself and more time for painting. Perhaps this is why I'm experiencing a shift in colors.

I am an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and the Ontario Society of Artists.



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